Saturday, June 29, 2013

No off switch

When you're a creative type... especially one that creates characters and worlds and very visible things... it's hard to turn it off. It's hard for anyone else to understand.  There's just no off switch.

By day I work for an entertainment company, at home I have two 7 month old babies and an amazing wife. They are all in bed by 9 o'clock, but for me, I can't turn off. Aside from the whole being a good dad/husband thing and straightening up the house to get trashed the next day... I sit in front of the computer and write.

Sometimes it's nonsensical... or an idea that will never get anywhere but just has to get out of my head... and other times it's continuing work on separate idea.

There are plenty of nights where the mill is churning, but nothing is coming out and I have to move into another creative realm of a movie, comic or video game. But while there, I still go. I go until late at night.

I've always been this way and function pretty well on regularly on 5 hours of sleep. That functioning includes the day job, the dad job, the husband gig, the comic writing, running 3 1/2 miles every day and lifting weights for 40 to 60 minutes.

I don't shut off. 

Of course when I crash, I crash hard in the middle of the day or after being up for an hour or in the wee hours of the morning.

It's hard for anyone to understand why I can't just "go to bed." Or "lay in bed and fall asleep."

It's because one minute I could be in Gotham City, the next minute I'm in Afghanistan, then Marvel New York, then real-life LA or some other real, fictional or mashed-up place that I have and haven't been to.

Now with kids, I try to shut off... because being a dad - especially to a set of hilarious boy and girl twins - is absolutely awesome, and I love every second of laughter and frustration.

But I always want to get back to the world itching to get out of my head.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Making heroes "super"

I'm currently in the midst of creating an ambitious new superhero universe for TJ Comics. I've always wanted to create a number of superheroes but always struggled to find the right catalyst for it. A couple of years ago I put out an all-ages zero issue about a teenage superhero called Hot Shot.

Intended to be a New York Comic Con exclusive, Hot Shot #0 was fun to write but turned into a complete nightmare which ultimately flopped. This stuff happens, no big deal, but NYCC and the production of Hot Shot is a different story entirely.

I mention Hot Shot because he's back in this superhero universe, and is a key component. I've finally got a great catalyst, a unique way of having one title and incorporating everything and a small number of heroes that will make up this universe, including a public domain superhero from the Golden Age that I find insanely fascinating.

Many of the concepts have floated around in my head and various notebooks for years and suddenly the other night... Poof! It all came together.

I've got a great young and unknown artist that has a fun animated type style that really works for a superhero book.

So what's the problem? Well like I said I've got a handful on fun and unique heroes - not a problem. But there's one, who is the Superman of the universe, and I can't come up with a name.

This is the problem with superhero comics today. I want to use something like "Sentinel" or "Guardian." But both of those are very taken. It's always a pain trying to come up with something and I've got a list, but the other issue is whether or not it's a catchy name. For a character that's supposed to be Superman-like, it's got to be somewhat iconic - but I also want it to mean something.

The "concept name" has to go... it's not fitting to the character. 

So although I've finally got my catalyst, the wild way super-villains pop up and a handful of heroes... there a name missing for one of them mostly because when you use a name already in use - specifically one Marvel or DC uses - you run the risk of the cease and desist.

So we'll see how this turns out.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Argonauts #1 on comiXology

When I started Timeless Journey Comics, I had two titles. One was mine, Mack Turner: Slayer of the Dead and the other was co-created by my good friend Keith Dallas. My initial goal with TJ Comics was to just get something published, then it evolved and with the addition of The Argonauts, it became a full-fledged publisher.

Small press comics is a tough gig. You are literally competing with EVERYONE in the industry and I've always tried to ensure high quality titles from TJ Comics - that's essentially why there are so few.

The comics industry itself is rapidly changing and I've tried to keep up. Currently, TJ Comics titles are available in a number of formats on the website.

But after a long process and quite a headache, I am relieved to say that finally, The Argonauts #1 is on comiXology. The following issues are next, as is Mack Turner: Slayer of the Dead, but I please encourage you to give The Argonauts a try. Support Keith. Support TJ Comics.

You can download it here:

Support small press.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My artform is comics.

Back in the day, I used to blog about everything. Sports, comics, movies, politics. Whatever sparked my interest on any particular day. That old blog "KP's Take" filled time during the recession and my stint of being unemployed. I've grown up a great deal since then, made a few comics, kept a decent job and had two kids at the same time.

I've been debating the return to the blogosphere for a long time. Mostly to keep the writing going on nights when words don't form panels. I've wanted to create a production blog for my upcoming graphic novel Patriot-1, but I also wanted to dig deeper. But I just never got around to pulling the trigger.

Then I saw Man of Steel.

One of my longest blog posts at the old blog was about how I'd do a Superman movie. This was around 2007 or 2008. After seeing Man of Steel and reading the divisive opinons, I felt compelled to write a review. And it turned into a REALLY long review that I hope you enjoy.

I also decided that maybe it was time to have an outlet to talk about comics. I'm a creator, a fan, a publisher and a part-time retailer - I love comics, so I started this blog to talk all things comics when I'm blocked from writing comics.

So check out TJ Comics at and on

Also please check out my upcoming graphic novel's Facebook page at