Monday, June 24, 2013

Making heroes "super"

I'm currently in the midst of creating an ambitious new superhero universe for TJ Comics. I've always wanted to create a number of superheroes but always struggled to find the right catalyst for it. A couple of years ago I put out an all-ages zero issue about a teenage superhero called Hot Shot.

Intended to be a New York Comic Con exclusive, Hot Shot #0 was fun to write but turned into a complete nightmare which ultimately flopped. This stuff happens, no big deal, but NYCC and the production of Hot Shot is a different story entirely.

I mention Hot Shot because he's back in this superhero universe, and is a key component. I've finally got a great catalyst, a unique way of having one title and incorporating everything and a small number of heroes that will make up this universe, including a public domain superhero from the Golden Age that I find insanely fascinating.

Many of the concepts have floated around in my head and various notebooks for years and suddenly the other night... Poof! It all came together.

I've got a great young and unknown artist that has a fun animated type style that really works for a superhero book.

So what's the problem? Well like I said I've got a handful on fun and unique heroes - not a problem. But there's one, who is the Superman of the universe, and I can't come up with a name.

This is the problem with superhero comics today. I want to use something like "Sentinel" or "Guardian." But both of those are very taken. It's always a pain trying to come up with something and I've got a list, but the other issue is whether or not it's a catchy name. For a character that's supposed to be Superman-like, it's got to be somewhat iconic - but I also want it to mean something.

The "concept name" has to go... it's not fitting to the character. 

So although I've finally got my catalyst, the wild way super-villains pop up and a handful of heroes... there a name missing for one of them mostly because when you use a name already in use - specifically one Marvel or DC uses - you run the risk of the cease and desist.

So we'll see how this turns out.

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