Monday, July 1, 2013

Where's a Lois Lane action figure?

Growing up, I played with action figures. I loved every second of creating my own world with my favorite characters. As I got older, I morphed into a collector and I still buy action figure and display some while most sit in boxes. I once had a ton of them on display, mostly because my wife is a wonderful and tolerant woman who understands she married a geek, but also we had twins, so the room that was once my man-cave became the nursery.

I love a good action figure and I'm always on the hunt for the latest offerings from DC and Marvel. the action figures for Man of Steel were no different.When Superman Returns came out, I bought up all the figures, same for Batman Begins. I own some of The Dark Knight Movie Masters, but none from The Dark Knight Rises (that movie infuriates me and most of the figures were the same as TDK).

As Man of Steel arrived, I anxiously awaited the merchandise. Went on a couple of hunts and finally found them.

Standard procedure: I own two of the Movie Masters Superman figures, one opened, one not. I'll also get the variation with the Fortress key, I'll get the all-black one that was announced and I'm still debating the SDCC exclusive.

I'm not a huge fan of the movie, but the figures are great. But with any Superman set, there's always something missing.

Lois Lane.

Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted a Lois Lane. Like a standard, Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane.

Not the Silver Age DC Direct version. Not the DC Direct All-Star Superman version. A movie version. Superman Returns didn't give me one. When The Dark Knight Rises line offered Catwoman, I thought: "Okay, Mattel will give me Lois... finally."

When I saw the announcement for the all-black Superman from the dream sequence in Man of Steel, I immediately thought, "Cool looking repaint... where's Lois?"

Seriously. Where's Lois?

I know I'm not the only collector/Lois Lane fan that wants one. The only GREAT Lois Lane figure is from Superman: The Animated Series and the "Battle of Metropolis" which is expensive on eBay and as of this writing a loose Lois figure is up to $21 with 2 bids and 2 days to go.

I'm still hoping Mattel is going to reveal her at SDCC or something...

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