Saturday, August 3, 2013

Patriot-1 website

A big step in the modern world for any product, service - whatever - is the right website.  I wrote an earlier post about developing a website that suits your needs and my experience doing so.

I made mention that the inspiration for such a post was the development of the website for my upcoming graphic novel. I've been involved in a lot of web designs and redesigns over the years from amateur to professional to some big ones very recently at my day job. It's fun to see the concepts of what could be and to talk over and against co-workers and bosses in the effort to explain your reasons for why.

Anyway, I spent quite some time debating the look and feel of This particular page will be the face of the book and brand from a digital standpoint. It's a sea of uncertainty in the comics industry because I'm competing with the big publishers.

I like to think Patrtiot-1 stands out because it's more of a throwback to old war books. I once told someone that it takes old World War II books, Kubert war books and Larry Hama's early G.I. Joe and mashes them together in a type of homage to the genre. It's really an action-movie in sequential form and I think that's where it really shines.

I don't have zombies, aliens, vampires or whatever the current overplayed trend is in pop-culture - it's a straight up down-to-Earth- story about war, espionage and standing up for what is right.

When it came to the site, I didn't want to go completely content heavy with random news items and other things that could ultimately detract from the main focus - the book. I wanted a destination where readers could come and learn about the book, preview pages, read about the creators, pick up some customized merchandise - and of course - buy the book when the time comes.

Overall, I'm happy with how it looks right now, though I'm sure it will continue to evolve in the months to come.

So check out the site, there's a 5 page preview of the book and a lot more cool features coming!

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