Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's been busy...

It's been a busy, crazy, roller coaster month and a half since I launched the Patriot-1 Kickstarter on July 1.

Thankfully, the Patriot-1 Kickstarter was successful. That's only the beginning of the work... what comes next is trying to organize rewards, it took me a week just to get the files in the right size and format to the printer, but now it's all good things are moving along and after 7 years, Patriot-1 is real. I've held it in my hands... I've read it like 5 times... I carry a copy in my bag to work.

It's all exciting stuff, I did a convention and sold a few copies, but the convention itself wasn't great, but Baltimore is on the horizon and I can't wait. I hate, HATE being away from my wife and my kids... but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Kickstarter was a roller coaster, and I will have a post on the experience soon.

But what's really been eating at me this week is the news. The stuff in Ferguson, the horrid state of racial relationships in America, and delving back into comics, the rampant sexism that is currently fueling raging debates among friends and professionals.

It's all a bit crazy, really. And something I feel like talking about.

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