Thursday, June 18, 2015

Patriot-1 now available

Posted this on my Facebook page, wanted to double it up here:

Today is June 17. It's a day I've been waiting for and it's a really big day because it is the day that Patriot-1 is officially available in comic stores. This is a big deal and a huge accomplishment for me and that little imprint of mine, TJ Comics.

It's been nearly a year since the Kickstarter and the version that is released today for mass release is the SPEC OPS edition, making the Kickstarter editions now out of print highly limited. First, I have to thank everyone who supported the Kickstarter, without you, today may not have been a reality.
But nonetheless, Patriot-1 has received rave reviews and continues to build a great reputation. It won a 2015 IPPY Award for Outstanding Graphic Novel, which frankly is a HUGE deal to me and it's received praise from friends, co-workers and fellow comic creators.

Most importantly, I have to thank my art team Dexter Wee and Donna Gregory, who really brought the book to life. They should be making comics at the next level, they worked flawlessly together and with me and I couldn't have made this book happen without them. And of course, my editor and friend Keith Dallas, who supported and helped guide the project from the beginning.

I'd thank my wife for being supportive, but she won't see this. :)

But my dad will, and I especially have to thank him and my mom for supporting the book and all my insane creative endeavors. Also, my brother, who knows nothing about the business of comics but ALWAYS asks me the hard business-oriented questions.

I'm working on the script for my next graphic novel now and then after that, the sequel to Patriot-1. I'm also working to try and get the book into Barnes & Noble.

If you want to get the book there are a few options:

Print Copies:

Your comic store can still order it using the order code: APR151740

SPEC OPS Edition

TJ Comics store (signed with some extras):…/13095174-patriot-1-spec-ops-…


Limited Kickstarter Edition

TJ Comics Store (signed with some extras):…/10385544-patriot-1-limited-k…


Digital Copies (with extra concept art):

Thank you for bearing with me and for all of the support!

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